Product Design

Speakers, glasses, home appliances, toys, you name it, we can bring it to life. Our design team has the aim of: transform ideas in amazing products.
We are able to take your project from conceptualization through industrial design, detail engineering, prototyping, and design verification/validation.

Visual Design

We are focused in the emotions, aesthetics as well in the usability.
The visual department is in charge of all, from ideas translation between client and designers, to branding, fonts, illustrations, labels, websites, etc. All that only for engaging users and helping to build trust and interest in your brand.

Textile Design

Thanks to our creative team, we are able to bring the most charming, quirky and original art for textiles woven, knitted, sublimed or printed.
But is not all of it, our designers can guide you in the latest trends for the upcoming years while supervising the production process.


When you enter to the supermarket over 40,000 products scream ‘take me’ but some of them screams loud, well at least, the well-designed ones do.
Here is where we can take part, making your product to stand out and create a new experience trough engagement and innovation.

Strategic Innovation

Reshaping your company's structure it is within your reach. Nowadays it is known that purely systematic business strategies are not longer effective.
Is here where our brilliant team takes over bringing to life a "Design Driven Company" which is the perfect combination of innovation, integrated organization and the so called "WOW" factor. Offering you a boost in your business value and unforgettable experiences for your customers.

Interior Design

Soma understands the importance of an empathetic approach to interior spaces without leaving behind the importance of the human interaction.
We look for the right balance between aesthetic and functionality to create a unique spatial design in both residential & commercial areas

Urban Furniture Design

From sketch pad to manufacturing Soma provides a wide and complete service. Our collection it is formed by signage, benches, info kiosks, litter bins, ash receptacles, bollards, bicycle stands, among others.
Always incorporating contemporary and efficient materials to offer the best product in detail and quality control.


Our workshops bring the basic knowledge for product development to shape ideas into amazing everyday products.
Soma's commitment with the design culture is so strong that we love to be part of fairs, conferences, classes; debates, etc. just give us a call¡